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Who we are?
YC WATERJET (YC Industry Co.,Ltd) is located in Wuxi City with convenient transportation, about 150km away from Shanghai city and 180km away from Nanjing city, it only takes 5 minutes to the slip-road.
1999, YC Industry Co.,Ltd was established by Mr. Guoqiang Min, mainly engaged in manufacturing large production line, including paper roll conveyor line and assembly line.
2005, YC started to research and develop UHP water jet cutting equipment and cooperate with German KMT as well.
2008, YC started to cooperate with the UK agent, so far it has been 9 years.
2009, YC started to cooperate with USA Accustream.
2010, The brand YCWJ had been registered and YC waterjet cutting machines had been sold to more than 30 countries around the world.
2014, YC Industry built a new company Wuxi YC Waterjet Technology, and the brand YC WATERJET had been registered.
2015,YC WATERJET started to cooperate with RU agent, YC had sold the products to more than 40 countries and have dealers in Iran, South Africa, Singapore, Korea and Indonesia.


What do we do?
YC WATERJET has designed and manufactured ultra-high-pressure water jet cutting machines over the past decade, and we continue to innovate and develop advanced products and enhanced production techniques.
This equipment operates with the world’s most unique cold-cutting technology, making it suitable for cutting any type of material in a diverse range of industries.

What we can service?
1.Our high pressure water jet cutting system is widely applied in the industry like steel, nonferrous metal, glass, stone and cemented carbide. In addition, our product is widely seen in the processing of plastic, man-made fiber cloth, paper, composite, and food.
2.For different customers in different industries we will provide different solutions, Your water jet is tailored based on your individual needs.
3.Engineers overseas service is available. Our engineers will go to many different countries for installation and training every year.

Technical team

Why us?
1.We have more than enough in production facilities to ensure your order will never be held up waiting for production.
2.We are engaged in machinery manufacturing since the year 1999, our product manager Mr.Yu has been working here since YC incorporated, and there are more than 5 workers with more than 8 years experience in water jet cutting field.
3.Our chief engineer Mr.Tian has 20 years experience in water jet cutting field, he started his research when he was a university student. There are two electrical engineers and one mechanical engineer who have over 10 years experience in water jet cutting field. So our technical team can provide you professional technical support.
4. YC is the partner of Accustream/Hyperthem, every year we have technical meetings with engineers from USA.

Our main suppliers

USA Accustream/Hypertherm (since 2009)

Italy ECS ( 5 axis cnc system)