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Desktop Flame/Plasma Cutting Machine

1. Reasonable design
All the air tube and cable could be transmitted by the tank chain, which ensures the neatness of the pipeline and reduces overshoots while turning at high speed.

2. High quality frame structure
The high quality frame structure enables our desktop CNC flame/plasma cutting machine to yield the strongest rigidity and the lightest weight as well as superior dynamic performance. The annealed gantry structure eliminates the stress and maintains a long-term use without deformation.

3. High precision drive
This machine makes use of the bilateral drive and high-precision linear guide. The precision machined, heat treated heavy duty gear ensures high precision transmission in both horizontal and vertical direction, thus guaranteeing cutting accuracy and precision.

4. One-piece structure
This machine is easy to install and convenient to debug. It can be fitted with dry-type exhaust dust removal workbench or wet type dust removal water tank to create a clean and tidy working environment.

Main Technical Parameters
Gauge 3000-9000mm
Effective cutting width 2200-8200mm
Drive way bilateral
Air speed 10000mm/min
Cutting speed 4000mm/min