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Glass Processing

1. Flat glass can be processed by our waterjet cutting machinery to create any geometric figure you want. This equipment can perform both shaping and drilling operations, providing the advantages of wide varieties, high precision, a nice exterior and high quality sandy-finish cuts.
2. Heat is not generated by the cutting process, which enables high safety, environmental protection and easy machinability.
3. The cutting and drilling process removes the need for any die or special clamp. This makes our cutting tool exceptionally easy and flexible to use.
4. Smooth, clean and burr-free cut with a kerf width of only 1mm. Wide cutting range enables the glass thickness to reach up to 100mm.

Typical Applications of the Glass Cutting Machine
Household appliances (gas cooktop, range hood, sterilizer, television, etc.), lamps, art glass, sanitary products (such as shower room), architectural decorative glass, domestic glass, automotive glass, mirror glass, and so forth.