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Stone Processing

1. Used for smooth, quality and burr-free cutting of stone
2. The water jet cutter with a precision of 0.1mm has the capability to produce very complicated puzzles and wall murals with uniform seam allowances.
3. High cutting speed, consistent quality and superb interchangeability
4. Provide automatic part-in-part function to maximize the material utilization
5. Create a good work environment with minimal dust and noise

Case Studies Related to Waterjet Cutting Machine
1. Commonly used for large ceramic mural, lobby floor mosaic, ceramic screen, special-shaped kitchen worktop, stone furniture, etc.
2. Ideally suited for the treatment of decorative materials.
3. The floor mosaic is processed by our CNC waterject cutter to save time and labor costs and reduce the space occupied by our waterjet machine.
4. The stone processing equipment reuses a great number of wastes to realize the reduction of material costs by 40 percent.