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Metal Processing

The water jet cutting machine can work on metal materials, enabling the thickness to reach over 100mm. It features a surface roughness of 1.6μm, a precision of ±0.10mm and no heat damage to materials, thus making it an ideal choice for precise shaping and cutting.

When cutting on ferrous metal and stainless steel, the waterjet cutter will not cause the reflection of light or edge loss. Actually, the metallic material that is cut by waterjet has no limitations. With the use of precision ball screw, servo motor, resonant decelerator and other advanced technologies, this metal processing equipment can offer backlash compensation function and increased positioning accuracy or repeated positioning accuracy.

We use a diverse range of precision measuring instruments, including but not limited to ballbar measurement system and laser interferometer, that can perform geometric precision measurement and calibration operations for production of high-precision machine tools.

The waterjet cutting equipment comes with powerful computer-aided design and control function, which makes this metal processing machine slow down automatically in the process of cutting sharp corners or edges, and thereby ensure exceptionally smooth and clean cuts. Additionally, this machine can perform grinding and cutting operations simultaneously to realize a significant increase in cutting efficiency and quality. It can directly work on metal parts to complete shaping and cutting processes.