• Abrasive waterjet cutting head
  • Water only waterjet cutting head

Ultra-high pressure (UHP) water jet cutting is mainly divided into abrasive waterjet cutting and pure water only waterjet cutting. Abrasive waterjet cutting is ideal for cutting of ferrous metals (carbon steel, stainless steel, etc.), non-ferrous metals (copper, aluminum, titanium alloy, magnesium alloy, etc.), stone, glass, composite materials with large thickness (such as carbon fiber, glass fiber), and more. Another method of cutting is pure water only or non-abrasive waterjet cutting, it allows for cutting of rubber, foam, cloth, paper, rock wool, food and so on.

Dynamic 5 Axis

Features of Dynamic 5 axis waterjet cutting machine:
The Dynamic 5 axis water jet cutting machine is specially used to cut marble and granite, it can compensate 10° cutting angle, featuring a low noise, no pollution, high precision and high reliability. And it is a kind of bevel cutting machines, due to the water jet cutting is a way of flexible cutting, therefore the product cross section after cutting by the traditional 3 axis water jet cutting machine will have a certain degree of inclination. In order to ensure the accuracy of vertical cutting section, it must reduce the cutting speed. However, our 5 axis water jet cutting machine can ensure the accuracy of vertical cutting section by compensating the cutting angle, without reducing the cutting speed. So that it can be used for cutting parquet stone, the parquet flooring does not need to be polished again, which can save time and labor cost. 

Cutting Parameters
Dynamic 5 axis cutting head
X/Y/Z axis for transmission
A, B axis for compensation 0°-±10°

Cutting Samples

Equipment Options:
Waterjet cutting table

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High Pressure Pump

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CNC Controller &S oftware

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