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Cantilever Water Jet Cutting Machine

1. Superior precision and stability are guaranteed by the casting beam and base frame of Y-axis.
2. Lathe bed and water tank are detachable, which are designed to reduce the pressure from water with sands and machined parts to moving parts.
3. The base of Y-axis is overall manufactured, it can be easily disassembled, transported and assembled.
4. X-axis and Y-axis adopt high-precision ball screw and guide linear rail.
5. For the small integral table, lathe bed and water tank are non-detachable, after the annealing treatment of whole machine table (to eliminate the stress of 95%), it is much better than the VSR (to eliminate the stress is 35%), it can ensure the accuracy and stability for a long time.

Technical Parameters

CNC water-Jet Cutting machine(X=Cantilever type)
Parameters Unit YCWJ-X1520 YCWJ-X1530 YCWJ-X2030 YCWJ-X2060 YCWJ-X2080
Efficient Cutting area mm 1500*2000 1500*3000 2000*3000 2000*6000 2000*8000
Axis travel X mm 1500 1500 2000 2000 2000
Y mm 2000 3000 3000 6000 8000
Z mm 150-180 150-180 150-180 150-180 150-180
Cutting accuracy mm +/-0.1
Positioning accuracy mm +/-0.02
X,Y dry-run speed m/min 0-15 (if need 30m/min speed,we can do as request )
Cutting speed m/min as to detail material and thickness

Remarks: As to customer's different requirements.

Core component options:
Cutting head

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